Hello, warmest greetings, and peace.

Well, it is January, 2017.  I just got back from a company's annual launch and wanted to let all of my friends in the USA, Canada, and Mexico to see what I have been doing for the last 4 years.

First, I am not a salesman and I don't want anyone to believe that I am trying to sell them something that is going to cost any one money that they aren't already spending.

The company that I am working with, has been around for 31 years and has the mission to enhance the lives of all the people that we meet by helping people to reach their goals.

The company is in the Wellness and health business and has been making products that people are buying because they were made to beet the store brands at a savings to the users.

Because the company pays any of its members everytime that someone that he or she has referred to become a member busy products the company can save a lot of money in advertising.  The company also delivers the product directly to the member so that there are no middle men in the distribution process.

Now I would like to tell you what the company's name is now but I need to make sure that you will not make any assumptions about how it is.  Now It isn't AMWAY or any of those Multi-Level Marketing companies.

The company was designed so that average people could go into business by becoming a member and then buying superior products than the ones that they are always buying.

The company guarantees all of their products w3ith a 60 day 100^ satisfaction guarantee.  I am sure that a company could not survive 31 years with inferior products and a guarantee like that.

As a member, no on has any obligation to tell anyone about the company, but will reward its members with a guaranteed commission from sales of people in their organization for up to 7 generations.

Before you decide that I am just trying to scam you, I would appreciate it if you take a little time to look at the company's products and remember that I will not try to coerce you into becoming an active promoter against your will.  The company has been growing and relies on its members for its success over the years.

I believe that this company is very progressive and is concerned with helping its members to improve their health while saving their members money.

All I want to do is to show you a company that makes products that are safer for the user and the environment.

If you want to learn about the company click          .

Annual membership when I joined was $29.00, it has been reduced to $19.00, but until January 17, 2017 the first year's membership is only $1.00  As a paying member you are considered a preferred member and have more options than those I have told you about.

If before 90 days you are dissatisfied with any of the products or the membership you will be able to get your purchases and membership fee refunded.


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